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Welcome to Tri-State Powder Coating. We are a quality custom powder coating and fabrication business located in western North Carolina servicing the continental United States.

Our goal is to provide top quality service to our customers. Whether it's customs signs or property gates or powder coating of small, medium or large parts, Tri-State Powder Coating will treat each job with full importance and attention to detail.

All work in our facility is human driven. We use state of the art tools to get the job done, but each stage in the process has human eyes, hands and thought guiding it. If designing is required, the computer aided design program is operated by a human. All metal that is cut via CNC, plasma torch or sheet cutting machine is fed, maintained and inspected by a human. All sanding, grinding and cleaning is performed by a human using the tools necessary for each job. All powder coating, oven-loading/unloading and packaging is done by humans. This allows us to catch small problems or put more detail into the work that a machine might miss.

Please visit our Services page for a more detailed explanation of what our comapany offers. If you are in need of pricing, feel free to fill out our Quote form and we will send you an email or call you with our estimate.

Thank you for visiting Tri-State Powder Coating. Feel free to browse our website and don't forget to come back often for exciting changes and new services.


  • Full design services including concept drawings and full computer aided design.
    Top Of The Line Design Software Used:
  • Sheet Metal Cutting by CNC machine, Plasma-Cutter or metal cutting press
  • Bending and custom shape die
  • Welding and rivetting
  • Grinding, buffing, cleaning and polishing
  • Full powder coating service including:
              Object prep
              Object wash
              Object powder
              Object bake
              Object packaging
              Object shipping

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